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About Cayley College

Cayley College has come a long way since inception on 9th October, 1995. Our students are presented with the unique opportunities to grow in confidence, to develop their own personalities in a secure, happy environment where they are nurtured to aim high and to expect great things. Though the school is already known for hard work, concern is still shown for the individuality and uniqueness of each child, striving to achieve the highest academic standard of which they are capable.So as to achieve our objectives, energetic teachers who ensure that we offer a rich academic environment are readily available.All students are required to abide by a code of behaviour similar to that normally expected within a family where emphasis is given to courtesy, politeness, integrity, respect and very importantly the fear of God.We encourage the involvement of parents and families as dynamic partners in their children's education.The students are encouraged to continue in the spirit of excellence. Always remembering the motto of the school "Knowledge is Divine".In conclusion, we are committed and determined that all concerned will ensure the achievement of the goal of the institution, which is " the making of the TOTAL CHILD".You are invited to be part of it!


The School policy is to have a home away from home life exhibited in the
arrangement of Boarding, Proper supervision

Our Value

At Cayley College, we hold to high esteem the Fear of God, Respect for person, Integrity, Diligence, Dress Sense, Perseverance and Self Control.

Our Vission

To be a leading private Secondary School in Nigeria operating in a climate that ensures academics excellence, high moral values and the promotion of Godly principles.

Our Mission

Building a Total Child for a challenging future.









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