Our Activity


JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL SUBJECTS OFFERED English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Basic Science, Yoruba Language, Igbo Language, Agricultural Science, Physical Health Education, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Home Economics, Creative Arts (Art & Music) Computer Studies, French, Christian Religious Studies.

SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CORE SUBJECTS: English Language, Mathematics, Yoruba/Igbo Language, ICT, A Vocational Subject One of History, Geography, Literature in English, One of Physics ,Chemistry, Biology

ELECTIVES (ATLEAST THREE MUST BE OFFERED) Physics Chemistry Biology Government Technical Drawing French Fine Art Food & Nutrition Further Mathematics Commerce Book Keeping Typing Economics History Literature in English Geography Christian Religious studies Agricultural Science.

ASSESSMENT SYSTEM The academic progress of each student is assessed through class tests, Projects, Practical works, assignments, class participation and termly Examination. The continous assessment marks would be added to the terminal examination score in the ratio Classwork - 40% : Examination - 60%

Co-Curricular Activities

The basic objective of the Physical Education programme is to provide regular Physical exercise for all and to enable those competent in various fields to contribute to the house and the School.

JETS Junior Engineers,Technicians and Scientists club.

EXCURSIONS Trips are periodically organised to take students to memorable sites and places.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY We ensure in several ways the our students are taught to become responsible members of the society.